ABA Patient Resources

The Applied Behavior Analysis Program provides evidence-based intervention to individuals diagnosed with autism. ABA interventions are used to promote learning and independence for individuals we serve as well as the families that support them. 

We are vested in providing individualized services, person centered, to support the people we work with and their families.  We believe that all individuals, regardless of severity of disability, deserve individualized services and to build skills.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a type of intervention that may be carried out in a focused manner or a more comprehensive one.  We work with parents / guardians to identify areas in which they would like to see improvements for their child.  ABA therapy uses the principles and techniques of learning to 

  • Develop new skills
  • Shape and refine previously learned skills
  • Decrease socially significant problem behaviors

Individual therapy sessions are provided to the child/adolescent by a team of trained technicians, behavior technicians and Registered Behavior Technicians.  Individual and when appropriate small group learning opportunities are carried out with your child.  A Licensed Behavior Analyst (LBA) oversees each child’s case (assessment, development of learning programs and behavior plans, and updating programming).  Learning may focus on communication, socialization & play, personal hygiene skills and functional living skills.  

As part of our ABA program, the LBA carries out parent training as well.  Parents / Guardians may have topics they want to address.  We also utilize the RUBI Parent Training program.  We are vested in every individual and family we work with progressing on their goals.

Links & Resources

Autism across the spectrum and throughout the life span.  The website offers information for parents of newly diagnosed children as well as Autism Speaks and your community.

Website that offers information on a wide variety of interventions and programs for children, adolescents and adults diagnosed with autism.

ARI helps advance the biological understanding of autism by pursuing research on its cause and potential treatments.  ARI conducts, sponsors and supports research on the underlying causes of and treatments for Autism Spectrum Disorder. Our grant application is available online and we are currently accepting applications from qualified research professionals.

Certification board for professional with BCBA, BCaBA, RBT certifications.  The board also offers statements on: Communication with payers and What to expect from autism services / what training individuals should have.

The National Standards Project at NAC addresses the need for evidence-based practice standards and providing guidelines for how to make choices about interventions.

The RUBI Autism Network has developed and tested a structured parent training (PT) manual for children with ASD and disruptive behaviors.